HPB Organic Shea Butter Hair Cream, Shampoo, Braid Spray

formulated with your health in mind. It is a medicinal butter from the West Africa, Nigeria. It is made with 100% organic natural products.

It is Hypoallergenic make with 100% chemical free.

Our HPB Organic Shea Butter Hair cream or HPB hair extension are maid with the health of your hair in mind.

  • HPB Hair cream is rich in vitamin A, E, B that contribute to a healthy
  • The properties of shea butter and natural ingredient in HPB foster hair growth
  • Your hair deserves to bread and bond with natural environment which is why HPB hair cream is a better option for your hair
  • You can worry free of any chemical on your skin or hair with HPB
  • Soft and shining hair through a natural product of HPB
  • Stop breakage and thine hair by applying HPB hair cream daily
  • Let your hair live naturally with HPB hair cream
  • Manage the chemical hair with HBP hair cream
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