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Kinbase - Africanshoppers Private Policy

We at Africanshoppers know that you are concerned about how your personal information that we collected is used and thank you for trusting and believing in us that we will use it responsibly.

This privacy policy explains what does with your personal information collected from Africanshoppers website. By using services, you are giving your consent to the use of your information in a way we are going to describe below.

What Personal Information Do Africanshoppers Collects?

We collect your names ,e-mail and physical address and telephone numbers, we also collect your payment details like credit/debit cards.

We may collect other information like your date and place of birth, if you are just creating an account with us, you may decide not to give this information but without them you may not be able to use Africanshoppers services.

What Is My Personal Information Collected Used For?

We used this information to identify you, to apply the charges for the good and services we provided and to locate where your item will be shipped and delivered.

Do You Share My Personal Information?

We know that you cherish your personal information and privacy, and we do too, we hate spam as you do. We only use the personal information we collect to provide and improve our service to you.

We do not share your information and will never sell your personal data and information.

How Secure Is The Information Collected From Me?

Our website and database are very secured, and all the information obtained on the website is encrypted and not available to any third-party we are not in the business of selling our customers and visitors information, so your information is safe.

We May Use Cookies As Identifier

We may use cookies to recognize your browser in the nearest future when activating our affiliate program, just like any other websites, this will store your computer IP address for  a stipulated period.

We May Use Your Information For Advertisement If we observe that your interest match of one of our new arrival of goods, we may use the email address we collected from you to advertise our new products and services to you, especially when we think it will benefit you based on the list of what interest you that we have on record.

The above is the list of what we think we need to explain here, and it is subject to review and editing as it may be required.