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When shopping on, we will list our return policy for each item on the receipt and the instruction on how to return the item will be included as Return slip in your order, please ensure you read and follow the instruction to save yourself time and stress.


If you return your item to the wrong place, it will obvious delay your refund. Needless to say that you should have at least one of the reasons for return before you can initiate a return on any of your purchased items.


If you know that you have a genuine reason to return your order, after the order is returned by post, kindly keep us informed via our support email, stating the order number and reason for the return at for us to follow up in case the seller is an independent merchant, your email will be replied with 24 hours why your refund will be processed immediately we or the merchant receives your return order.


If after 24 hours we do not reply your mail kindly visit our contact page to call any of our customer service phone that is in your locality. Our U.S.A – number is 1-800-399-9681