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Africanshoppers FAQ

1.       What is Africanshoppers

Africanshoppers is a marketplace platform for merchants to list and sell their products globally.

2.      Is Africanshoppers a Nigerian company

Africanshoppers is an International company with Headquarters in Seattle, Washington State in the United States of America, and has its African Regional office in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria

3.      Does my information safe on Africanshoppers?

Yes, your information is safe, your email address is visible, but your password is encrypted while your payment information is secured with our third party payment system.  Our payment processors follow global standard to secure and safe guard your payment information.

4.      Is my order guaranteed on Africanshoppers?

Yes, your order guaranteed because we neither list or allow our merchants to list items that is currently not available for sale.

5.      What if I get a wrong item after order?

Nothing to worry about in this situation, if you receive the wrong item, you can return the order for an exchange or refund with explanation of what happened.   

6.      How long does my order take?

That depends largely on where the item wants to ship from, you will have an idea of when your item will be delivered from the confirmation email you will receive upon completing your order.

7.      Do you ship internationally?

Yes, but not all items are qualified for international shipment, you will see this in the introductory section of the listed item .  All items will be charged in the currency of where the items will be delivered, but if that currency is not available the item will be charged in American dollar($)

One More Question?

If you have more questions, send us a message at and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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