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Do you have a product that you want to sell locally or globally from any country on the planet. is a global marketplace, where we sell our products and allow other merchants to list their own products while our customers get the opportunity to variety of products and choices.

  If you answer to any of the questions in the bullets point below then this marketplace and our listing service is for you.


  • Do you have a product that you want to sell

  • Do you have a shop?

  • Are you a service provider?

  • Is your business small or Big?

  • Are you looking for more loyal customers?

  • Do you want to sell online?

  • Do you want to make money 24/7?

  • Do you want to go global?

 Using our platform to list, showcase and sell your products is as easy as ABC, we will do the heavy lifting for you, you don’t have to build websites, you do not have to bother about payment processors, all you have to do is list your products.

 If any of the above applies to you. You can load your product on Africanshoppers after meeting our minimum requirements, and we will set you up and running in no time. We are looking for great products from trustworthy and customer-oriented merchants contact us via or call your local number from our contact to request for your Merchant Packet and Starter’s Guide . We have point of presence in the USA and Nigeria respectively.