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ABOUT Africanshoppers

Africanshoppers is a one stop online shopping for seller and buyers of African product around the globe.  Our item includes but not limited to  unique items with African origin and organically processed food and fashion from Africa.

Items such as  cloths, beads jewelries, bags, hair Extension ,  souvenirs, cosmetics with shea-butter base and many more.  Our goal is to make available African products anywhere around the globe at affordable price.

On Africanshoppers we have  line of products in beauty  which includes  organic body cream and lotion, hair cream, lip balm, body soap and perfumes.

Another category where we have our own product is in African foods, these are not just foods as seen in various African stores across the globe, these are foods that is specifically produced with your healthy and lifestyle in mind .

All our personal products are organic based, and they are produced and prepared by qualified hands under the watch of the Food and Drug Administration called NAFDAC in Nigeria been the origin of most of our products.

Our team of technology experts have put  countless hours into developing safe and secured website for our visitors and customers so that you have a seamless experience with their regular online shopping. The security of the websites in regard to your personal data is guaranteed.

 We are here because of what we believe, we strongly believe that getting quality and authentic African food and other essential items should not requires neither rocket science nor breaking the bank.

We are determined and prepared to serve and help you get the best experience in your shopping for African stuff.

Thank You in anticipation for your business and patronage.

Africanshoppers Team.