USD + Local Currency

We welcome any legitimate merchant or home maker.  We have guideline to follow. To join our partnership please create an account.


  • We expect our Partner to have business Registration number?
  • Be customer conscious?
  • Willing and able to use internet to manage their product either on the phone or computer?
  • Willing and able to package quality product and ship to our customers
  • Willing and able to read?
  • If you are home maker and have no business license, our local agent we access your product and you can sell your product to africanshoppers
  • If you have business license you can brand your own product on africanshoppers but africanshoppers will take commission on each product sold at 25%
  • Every merchant will have to read and abide with africanshoppers terms and conditions?
We are looking for great products from trustworthy and customer oriented merchants.  Contact us via or call your local number from our contact page  U.S.A - 1-800-399-9681